• TCCS  
    Live Life Beautifully

  • Proven Results

    We have simple, easy to follow, proven methods 
    that get you to places you never thought possible.

    Our Mission : Help Everyone Who Asks

    We assist anyone who asks for it…whether they are a client or not. 

    Emotional Balance

    Understanding how YOU work as an emotional being is a key to your fulfillment.

    Personal Relationship

    How we see ourselves affects how others see us.


    Knowing where you are and what is available to you creates unlimited possibilities.


    Knowing WHERE you want to go in life is only part of it…the other part is HOW to get there
  • Experience and Design

    We have over 15 years experience working with people from all walks of life…be it high performance athletes, new business owners, artists, teams, couples, or individuals…we provide programs that will show you how to get where you want to go. It all starts with a call

    Vertical Living I & II

    Our signature 8 week program - Vertical Living - has changed the lives of over 300 people since it was launched. As one client put it …"my life was really good when I started this program…now it's amazing!"
    No matter where you're at in life - Vertical Living is the shift that will take you to a broader, calmer, more engaged and fascinated experience with life.
    Imagine seeing a brilliant tapestry through a murky filter…Vertical Living removes the filter so you can see your life with all the colour and miracle that it really is.
    Hard to imagine? Contact us for a complimentary session and see for yourself.
  • People Around The World

    We have served clients in Canada, The U.S., Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, and Thailand.
    We use tech resources to make face to face contact with our clients for each session. No recorded webinars, no impersonal video's, we connect one on one with each of our clients

    We Care About People

    24/7 Connect
    Clients have 24/7 access to their coach during the program. We feel it's best when a question comes up that it gets dealt with.

    We also follow up. So many programs cut their clients loose when they end. We are always available to all of our clients, past - present and future. We really want to see YOU get the benefits of our trainings.
    While it is up to you to USE the tools - it is up to US to make sure you have all the support necessary to make that happen.

    We're Always Listening

    Our trainers are highly skilled individuals who can help you zero in on what you really need. We do this by listening, adapting, and disseminating.
    YOU are why we're here.
    If you've been thinking that there must be more to life than what you've been experiencing…then you could well be a good fit for our programs.

    Contact us for a complimentary session and interview. 
  • Our Core Values

    Help Anyone Who Asks
    We believe in sharing what we have learned with anyone who asks us. There is no obligation to take our programs - we genuinely are here to help you - all you have to do is ask.

    Always Ahead

    Calm, Confident Focus Leads The Way
    It is proven that having a developed Emotional IQ creates better opportunities in life. 

    A Family Feeling

    We Are Always There For You
    We are always available to our clients during and after they complete our programs. We don't leave our friends and family behind.

    Enjoy the Journey

    Life Is Beautiful
    You may or may not believe that yet…but we guarantee that after taking Vertical Living - you will see your life from an entirely new perspective. It starts with a call.